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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Man, Gabriel Garcia Marquez wasn't kidding.
Them banana plantation types are brooootalz.

And, a more recent recipe from the world of foodblogs (can you prunaounce 'New Addiction'?)

Beet Salad (recipe from nami-nami)

With store bought, but not canned, Tuscan Bean soup, and kindof artfully (*cough*) arranged cutlery. Was delicious! No, the bread's not mouldy, shush.

Next food adventure, Seared Tuna with Mango Salsa. Will update you as necessary.


Tala said...

Awesome man!
I was going to buy beets yesterday but I couldn't carry any more groceries. Are they easy to make? You just boil them?

Pille said...

So pleased to hear that you enjoyed my humble beet salad recipe:)

Paulinus said...

is this sara's culinary blog?

sara said...

Tala: dude, it'll take you hours to boil them... try to find them precooked and vacuum-packed at the supermarket, or maybe canned?

Pille: Yes! Thank you so much. It was such a refreshing meal. It's kind of hard to find proper salads on deli / cafe menus in Edinburgh, so this killed a craving.

Pauli: Yes, sir, it is. Until I find a new hobby :D How're you?!

Anonymous said...

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